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Apple prepping ‘big surprise’ for future iPad Mini, report says – Technology News

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Apple is reportedly prepping a big surprise for iPad Mini takers. The Cupertino-based tech giant is said to be working on a future iPad Mini refresh, potentially with an OLED panel. Unsurprisingly, this would allow it to offer an even bigger screen, possibly with slimmer bezels than the current generation model.

The iPad Minj, as the name suggests, is the smallest -most compact-iPad that Apple makes at the time of writing. It is also one of its more affordable models aimed at more mainstream buyers, even as the iPad Air and iPad Pro cater to a more pro-level audience. Buzz has it that Cupertino is set to switch to OLED panels in most- if not all- of its Mac and iPad portfolio starting from next year, and a new report doing the rounds of the internet sheds light on what may be termed as gen-over-gen improvements.

ETNews is reporting that Apple is seemingly planning to bump up the screen size of the iPad Mini from the current 8.3-inch to a slightly bigger 8.7-inch in a future update. More specifically, the iPad Mini in 2026 will ship with this purported update. OLED seems an almost given at this point but we’ll still wait and watch how things pan out once things get official.

Expectedly, one can expect top-tier LTPO OLED for pro models while the mini will reportedly top out at LTPS, which is to say you might not get promotion 120Hz at lower prices, just yet. The iPad Air is being tipped to branch out into to size versions starting from next year, and rumour has it, they too would get LTPS OLED screens.

The other big expectation would be the switch to Apple M-series silicon. The sixth-generation iPad Mini launched in 2021 with the A15 Bionic and brought 5G connectivity and USB Type-C charging at starting price of Rs 46,900. Stay tuned for more updates.

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