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A Closer Look At The 2024 World Series Of Poker Main Event Bracelet

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The World Series of Poker offered a link to the tournament’s past on Monday with Poker Hall of Famer and one of the series founders, Jack Binion, unveiling the main event bracelet. He also delivered the ceremonial “shuffle up and deal” alongside WSOP Vice President Jack Effel.

Each year, the series offers up a main event bracelet that goes well beyond the traditional hardware given out to winners on the series’ daily schedule, and this year is no exception. The hardware was custom-made by Jostens from 445 grams of 10-karat yellow gold with 2,253 various precious gemstones.

That includes 1,948 round diamonds, 230 black onyx stones, and 75 red rubies to accentuate the card suits displayed on the jewelry piece. There is also a removable golden face plate in the center of the bracelet that can serve as a card protector.

Jack Effel and Jack Binion“The WSOP main event bracelet is known as the most expensive trophy in sports, but the reason it’s priceless in the minds of players is because of Jack Binion,” WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said. “With another field around 10,000 in Las Vegas we’re proud to share with him just how far his vision has come.”

This year’s main event broke last year’s record, bringing in 10,112 players for a $94 million prize pool. The event also set a single-day record on July 6, when 5,014 entrants on flight 1D. The winner will take home a $10 million first-place prize on July 17.

WSOP History

Binion was a key executive at the Horseshoe when the first WSOP debuted in 1970, an idea shared with the casino’s founder and his father Benny Binion. Jack was named president of the Horseshoe in 1963 at age 26 and the property went on to become one of the most successful casinos in Nevada at the time.

The WSOP’s debut only added to the property’s reputation, and was originally envisioned as a high-stakes poker spectacle that would attract some interest and bring more gamblers into the casino.

When Benny died in 1998, Jack sold his stake in the casino to his sister but retained the rights to the Horseshoe brand outside Nevada. He opened several properties with that name around the country including in Louisiana, Mississippi, and other locations before eventually being acquired by Harrah’s Entertainment, later becoming Caesars Entertainment. The company also acquired the WSOP in 2004 and Jack was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2005.

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