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2023 Masters Betting Guide: Update

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The biggest golf tournament of the year is only a week and half away so let’s take a look at some of the best bets you can make when the Masters arrive. This is an update from a previous article, so take a long look at that article first before reading this one.


All three of the top favorites from a couple months ago are the same, but their odds have changed slightly.
Rory McIlroy

Rory has never won the Masters which is the only major keeping him from the career grand slam. After a 2nd place finish last year along with winning the FedEx Cup he enters this year’s Masters as the favorite at +800, moving from +950 a couple months ago.

If you wanted to bet on Rory, hopefully you placed the bet a couple months ago and got better odds, but Rory has looked sharp since then, and it makes sense why his odds are going down.

I would still say that the profit is not there for Rory this year, and with his odds falling from when I said that the first time, don’t be racing to place a McIlroy 2023 Masters Champion futures bet.

Jon Rahm

Rahm moved from +1100 to +750, which is now tied for the best odds to win the Masters. From 2018-2021 Rahm finished top 10 every year and after a disappointing outing last Masters he will be more determined than ever to claim his second Major.

Similar to Rory, hopefully you took Rahm a couple months ago because he took a huge fall in his odds as he has continued to look like a top 5 golfer in the world.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but if the odds at +1100 weren’t drawing my eyes, they definitely won’t at +750.

Scottie Scheffler

The reigning champion moved from +1500 to win the Masters to +750, which is tied with Rahm. Scheffler has added a win to his resume since the last article was written and moved back into the number one world ranking.

However, just like I wrote last time, the question you need to ask is when was the last time someone won back-to-back Masters. The answer is Tiger Woods in 2001 and 2002 and has only been accomplished two other times by Nick Faldo (1989-90) and Jack Nicklaus (1965-66).

Scottie Scheffler is an outstanding golfer but betting on him to accomplish something Woods, Faldo, and Nicklaus have done seems like a stretch. Save your money and don’t bet Scheffler to win back-to-back Masters, especially when his odds have fallen by 50 percent in the last two months.

One final article will be coming for the value bets covered in the last article, they are currently not available and that is why you will have to wait to see where you can make your money come this Masters.

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