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đŸ“° The Loss of a Great Vegas Friend | Philip Yokhua Yeung (1967-2024)

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16 May

Poker is more than a game. The poker table brings people together, fostering friendships between players from all walks of life and all corners of the world.

It is with a heavy heart that PokerTube mourns the loss of our friend Phil.

A Vegas native; Phil warmly hosted members of the PokerTube team and gave many memories for life. A welcoming soul, with great conversation, Phil had a true impact on those who were close to him and even played a part in one of his friend’s moving to Las Vegas. 

Phil was creative, adventurous and optimistic. His love of music and creating things, whether it was playing guitar, going on unforgettable trips or building businesses, he was one of life’s lovers.

Maybe most importantly, Phil was a true friend with a beautiful spirit – Phil embodied the American Dream and its excitement.

Whilst Phil has passed onto a better place, the lives he touched and the memories left remain.

Never to be forgotten, May You Rest in Peace Phil. Your dreams will continue to inspire us. 

Our thoughts are with his mother and all those who hold him close in their hearts.

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